Discover Your Style - Brayden Carter

One of the under-the-radar influences of Melbourne, Brayden “C-Blaze” Carter, has been on the scene over the past few years developing a renowned style that Melbourne has been able to experience in more ways than one.

Hailing from the waterfronts of Geelong, Brayden saw the charm of the city and made the move a few years ago in order to develop his style as a dancer and artist. You would’ve seen Brayden along Swanston and Bourke Street busking with

FUN Crew holding an amazing show and entertaining the large crowds that come to watch.

Once you see him dance, view his art or see his work you will find it hard to believe that he hasn’t reached 25 yet. With so much creativity to offer see what this Melbourne native has been able to do in such a short amount of time.

You’re one of Melbourne’s most recognisable buskers – how did you build into this? How do you keep on engaging with the audience?

I’ve been busking from the age of 16. At the start it was just a reason to get down, have a jam and make a bit of coin but as the years went on and our skills developed, we noticed the little money that we were making was growing to a decent amount.

So a few of the serious members and I decided to make a show and perform that instead of just jamming. It was then we realised we could make a living off this art and since then we’ve constantly updated and changed our show – always trying and making it bigger and better.

People know you as one of the Beaver Shakers, what was the experience like?

Beaver Shakers was my first crew, made up of members from outback Victoria including Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo. The crew was just close friends who were young and wanted to have fun. We did a lot of crazy shit together, some of my best memories of dancing come from Beaver Shakers!

How did you form FUN crew?

FUN crew was formed in 2013 by myself and some other bboys from Melbourne. We were all that were left of broken down crews like Beaver Shakers, Burn Squad, Delinkwentz and more.

Our original goal was to make a super team for competing but since then fun crew has evolved into a family that teach, perform, battle and do street shows together.

You’re originally from Geelong, what brought you down?

To put it simply, it was mainly for dancing as Geelong didn’t have as much to offer compared to Melbourne.

How did you adapt to living in the city, especially because you’ve come from quite a fair distance away?

Making the move to Melbourne was actually really easy, before I lived here I was always traveling to come down for training and meeting up with friends. Plus it was also halfway from where my partner was from.

How did you get the name C Blaze? What does it mean?

I’ve had many different names that people have called me from dancing such as Squirrel and Carter. C-blaze came from friends calling me C for Carter and adding Blaze. I guess the name has just stuck until today.

How was your style influenced through your photography and videography?

I would say my style is based on timing and events in my life. I find myself constantly changing the way I take photos or edit videos and that’s largely influenced by what I’m up to at the present time.

Having worked closely with the founders of a Melbourne urban apparel company your work has been featured on websites, posters and extensively throughout Melbourne.

How did you get to working with Thrd Eye?

I originally did some filming for Thrd Eye which led to more opportunities like being hired to work in store, modelling, photo shoots and more. I had met Chris through dancing on the Melbourne bboy scene.

Through your art you explore the Melbourne cityscape and bring out a hidden side many haven’t seen. Where do you find the inspiration? And is there anything cool we should keep an eye out for?

My inspiration comes from the journey of the shoot itself – more so than just taking some nice photos. It’s always a thrill going somewhere new or to places that haven’t been explored often or at all for that matter.

As far as plans for the future go, I have quite a few projects lined up and very creative people I’m lucky enough to be working with.

I will also be dropping something big this year which is unrelated to photography,video or dance – hopefully halfway through the year, so stay tuned!

If you could give some advice for those starting out in dancing or finding their style and flow with their creativity, what would you say?

This advice can be used for anything in life, and that is just be yourself!

Be a good person, be happy and surround yourself with happy people that are aiming for similar goals.

Always try and take something positive from every situation,

Share with everyone, try to reach out and connect with new people.

We can get inspiration and creativity from whatever is around us

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