Bboy Tofu

Alan Dang AKA Bboy Tofu, along with his crew Kings Only, has helped push forward and develop part of the Hip Hop/Bboy culture in Melbourne. They have inspired many and allowed others to embrace the culture of Bboying.

Together with his crew they have hosted local battles appealing to dancers from all over Australia, organised workshops with well respected dancers for the community and over all kept the scene alive. Along with a few other, K.O. crew have consistently given back for more than 10 years and have really embedded themselves in Australia's break culture and history.

Tofu has always kept growing and progressing. Through his own style, beliefs and his dance; he brings musicality, energy, precision and keeps to the roots of Bboying.

I attended one of Tofu's workshops at a local studio in the South East of Melbourne and learning from Tofu was a real turning point — he helped me to develop an understanding of the dance and the musicality behind it.

One of the main points he made to everyone was that,

"It's not just hitting the beat, it’s about riding it too"

We hope to communicate his message to other people to preserve and move forward this culture.

Thanks Tofu.


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