Destructive Steps 8

Eight years running and Australia’s biggest jam, Destructive Steps in Sydney has continually brought international and domestic dancers together. The event runs over three days and holds different battles with different dance styles.

This year, the Red Bull BC One 1v1 Cypher and Destructive Steps 3v3 World Finals were held at Petersham Town Hall, pitting Australia's best against one another and against the world.

It begins with seventy teams proving their style to the judges in order to claim a spot in the top sixteen world finals. Ten teams from the seventy teams are chosen to compete in the Destructive Steps 3v3 World Finals, the remaining six spots are internationally chosen through battles in their respective countries.

This year Checkered Minds from Singapore, Resurrection Crew from New Caledonia, STO from China, Bitch Don't Kill My Struggle from Japan, Illest Fellas from South Korea and Remix Coalition In The Hood from Taiwan represented their countries in Australia.

China's STO Crew came out on top against Raw Mindz in the finals, closing the second day of the event.

The Red Bull BC One Cypher pits the top sixteen Bboys of their respective countries in a tournament style battle. The winners then fly to Japan for the Last Chance Cypher to battle against the winners of other countries to earn a spot in the world finals.

With their eyes on this prize, the finals became a matter of representing themselves, friends, crews, and also their blood, sweat and tears.

This year, Bboy Blue, representing Extreme Crew, SKB and Melbourne, stepped up to the plate to face the best Bboys of Australia. Giving it his all, he reached the finals to face off against Bboy Benny, representing Team Cream and Skill@Will from Queensland.

With nothing held back, the two faced off in a close-knit, tight battle however Bboy Blue emerged victorious. His friends and fellow Victorians surrounded him with an emotional and heartfelt celebration, Bboy Blue will be representing Australia at the Last Chance Cypher in Japan.

Each year is a step above the last and each year we eagerly countdown to the next Destructive Steps. Our attendance at Destructive Steps 8 has marked a great stepping stone and we want to give a huge thanks to the organisers for giving us this opportunity and allowing us to represent ourselves at their event.

Most importantly, without the aid of our friends and supporters, we would not be where we are today. We truly thank you all for staying with us on our journey and hope to share as much of it with you.

For more information, check out the Destructive Steps website and to watch the full battles, please visit their Youtube.

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